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Gladwin Gun Vault


The Gladwin Gun Vault offers a wide variety of gun repair services. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Should you require a service we do not offer in house it is likely we work with another gunsmith specializing in the work you require.


  • Custom built rifles to customer specification
  • Complete gun refinishing
  • Restoration work
  • Parts fabrication
  • Scope and sight mounting
  • Accurizing
  • Metal jeweling
  • Cerakote finishing
  • Machining and action truing
  • Stock work
  • Complete strip down and ultrasonic cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: We provide a live fire service for every firearm we repair under the above listed services to ensure the firearm functions as advertised prior to you paying a penny.


We also provide live fire sight ins for customer rifles in which a Gladwin Gun Vault Gunsmith will zero your rifle with the optimal hunting load and distance you as the customer elect. Our private range capability is out to 500 yards in 50 yards increments. Upon completion we will provide you with test target data to include: shot grouping, temperature, wind speed and bullet velocity at all distance ranges selected by customer.

Please contact us for further details about repair services offered.